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A few numbers

15.11.2016 app launch on the
Android Play Store
08.2014 month Smarter Time
was founded in Paris
250k€ money raised in
friends/family round
3 our
200k our

Our Story

  • End of 2013

    Emmanuel gets the first idea: an intelligent time-tracker to solve time-management issues

  • 08.2014

    Anis and Anna, both Emmanuel’s long-term friends, hop on board. Smarter Time SAS is founded.

  • 12.2014

    The first fully functional Android Alpha is out. All the algorithms are being built in-house.

  • 04.2015

    Smarter Time is accepted into Incubateur Télécom ParisTech , the accelerator of a prestigious French engineering school.

  • 12.2015

    The closed Beta hits the Play Store, raising internet in the Quantified Self community.

  • 04.2016

    Smarter Time raises 150k€ in a funding round from friends, family and Business Angel Laurent Lathieyre.

  • 06.2016

    The team grows to 7 people, including 4 full-time developers and AI researchers.

  • 08.2016

    The milestone of 1000 total Beta users is crossed. Positive feedback intensifies.

  • 15.11.2016

    Smarter Time's release hits the Android Play Store. The iOS version is well underway

To be continued...

The Founders

Emmanuel Pont

Management, Product, Mobile

Having worked in project management for years, Emmanuel knows full well everything hinges on time: how you use it, where it goes, why you never have enough. It is only natural, then, that his big business project is dedicated to creating an app that takes very little time away and gives a lot of it back.

Anis Fehri

Machine Learning, Architecture

Anis has a track record of solving problems through algorithms in his previous jobs at banks and analytics companies - but all too often he's been lacking time to work on important issues, and he knows many people who feel that way. So he decided to focus on giving everyone the tools to achieve their goals.

Anna Winterstein

Communication, Marketing, Design

Anna's studies have made her an all-round communicator - she writes, talks and designs. She'd been working as a startup consultant before joining Smarter Time, so she knows how hard it is to juggle various projects in different fields while keeping track of time and managing to set some aside.