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Adding a timeslot

Just click on the “+” sign at the bottom of your timeline, fill in the Activity and Location fields, and hit the check button.

Editing a timeslot

When you click on a timeslot, it extends: you are now in “edition” mode. You can click on any available field to edit the information, then choose from a list of saved locations/activities, or create your own.

Merging a timeslot

When you are editing a timeslot, click on the button “Merge timeslot” at the top of your timeslot to merge it with the one above, and the one at the bottom if you want to merge it with the one below. Please note: the timeslot you are editing will be absorbed by the timeslot you are merging it with.

Adding rooms to a place

You can save rooms in places to locate you more accurately, using wi-fi networks. This option is only available to plus version subscribers, and if there are enough networks in your vicinity. You can add rooms to a place from a timeslot edition when you are in this place. If available, you will see a "+" icon to the right of the place field, clicking on it will allow you to visit the place and save your rooms. You can then edit or save rooms from any timeslot edition in this place.

Managing your places

Open the left menu and go to "My Data". All the places you've been to are listed in the "My Places" tab. Click on a place to reset its location.

Managing activities / categories

Open the left menu and go to "My Data". In "My Activities", you can edit category names and colors, add new categories, or put activities in a different category by holding them and releasing on that category.

Creating a goal

Simply go to the Goals tab and hit the "+" button. You can create goals by categories or specific activities, and you can decide to aim for more or less than a certain amount of time per day, week or month.

Adding computer tracking

If you'd like to follow your activities on your computer precisely, you need to download the Smarter Time companion desktop client, install it on your PC or your Mac and log into it. Please note you'll need to have a Smarter Time account created in the mobile app before using the client.

Creating an account

Go into the Smarter Time mobile app, open the left menu and hit the "Log in" button. Creating accounts through the desktop client is not supported for the time being.

What is Smarter Time?

Smarter Time is your personal time-tracking assistant. The app learns everything about your daily habits, whether you work on your computer, browse on your phone or relax in front of the TV. Then it is able to guess your activities very precisely and give you a detailed timeline of your day and analytics on your time use, while keeping your input to a minimum.

How can it help you?

Do you ever feel like you're out of time to do the things that matter to you? Do you feel tired and overwhelmed, without being able to pinpoint the reason? Change starts with knowledge. Smarter Time provides you the detailed knowledge that you need to start making the right decisions for your life management.

Is there an iOS version?

An iOS version is in the works and will be released as soon as we're fully happy with its performance! Want a preview peek? Then join our community of beta testers by hitting the “iOS Beta” button on the side of the screen.

Will Smarter Time drain your battery?

No. On most of the phones we have managed to get our hands on (and that’s a lot!) it typically consumes 0.5% to 4% of battery a day! If it occasionally goes over that mark on your phone, you might be using a brand that we have known issues with (see google playstore description for an updated list.) We typically have very little control over such issues.

How does it preserve your privacy?

Smarter Time has neither the will nor the right to sell any of your data: it is yours to keep. You even have the option to keep all of your data on your phone and not send it to anywhere in the cloud, if you so wish.

But why does it need all these permissions?

Because the brain we have developed needs them for its learning process: they allow it to progressively recognize your habits and avoid you as much manual input as possible.

Can the ST icon and notification be removed?

Yes, just go the left menu to access your Settings. You'll find the notification settings there and you can tweak their behaviour.

Does the app work on custom ROMs or other non Google phones?

We do not support any custom ROMs, however as long as the Google Play services are installed, there is a good chance the app will work.

Can the app be installed on an SD card?

No, for two reasons. The first one is a privacy issue: if an app is installed on an SD card, it's a lot easier for other apps to access and read that data. The second one is that some phones clear data on the SD card automatically, hence potentially deleting your Smarter Time history.

Is the app paying ?

The app can be used for free, but the premium features are available for a subscription of around 5$ a month (exact amount will vary depending on local taxes). The premium features are room location, computer tracking, parallel activities, data backup and restoration

Smarter Time misses some of your phone moves or room changes

Some phones do not read sensors when their screen is off. Unfortunately, that choice is made by manufacturers and we have no way of bypassing it. You can find a list of the affected phones on Salt Websites.

Smarter Time has poor location accuracy

We use a combination of geolocation and Wi-Fi signal analysis to locate you. Unfortunately, both those methods are fallible. Google Maps or any other mapping application will allow you to check your geolocation accurately.
Wi-Fi location is accurate when over 10 Wi-Fi networks are visible, acceptable between 5 and 10, and bad below 5. Room accuracy is dependent on the same factor, which makes it nearly impossible to achieve in sparsely populated areas.

The apps you're using are not displayed in the timeline

Since Lollipop, Android uses a new and better system to give access to app usage analytics. Smarter Time should ask you for the rights the first time it needs them. If it did not, you can go to settings > security > app usage and authorise Smarter Time manually. LG did not implement that feature on Android 5.0, so you will not be able to access your app usage on an LG phone.

Smarter Time keeps going off and leaves holes in your timeline

Some phones (among them Samsung, Huawei and Honor) keep killing background apps aggressively. We have very little control over how their processes work, but there are several options and tips to improve the situation on our dedicated page or on the "don't kill my app!" website.