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Automation at your service

Room-level Location

Thanks to brand new indoors location algorithms, Smarter Time can detect where you are at room-level precision by using surrounding Wi-Fi networks.

Learning Capabilities

Smarter Time relies on a state-of-the art intelligent brain to remember everything you tell it, learn and serve you better day after day.

Apps and calls tracking

Smarter Time gathers automatically all the reliable data sources, such as the apps you use, the calls you take or the readings of your phone’s sensors.

Analytics for every need

Analytics Panel

Want to see your time use breakdown at a glance? In the analytics panel, you’ll find details by activities, categories and different time periods.

Goals and Maps

If you’re interested in keeping track of your movements, or want that extra push of motivation, Smarter Time offers a map display and a goals system.

Weekly Report

Details are important, but so is the big picture. With Smarter Time you’ll get a report highlighting the most important information of the week.

Integrated multi-platform system

Desktop Client

For the professionals, the freelancers and the technophiles out there, time spent on the computer is paramount. Smarter Time tracks it automatically.

Calendar Integration

Smarter Time can read the activities you schedule in your calendar and use them to guess where you are and what you’re doing.

Coming Soon to iOS

Although Smarter Time is only available on Android for now, an iOS version is in the works and the Beta is coming soon, so if you’re an Apple fan, stay tuned!

Full control over your data

Raw Data Export

For the number crunchers out there, all your data gathered by Smarter Time is available to download in a .csv file, anytime.

Offline and private modes

Smarter Time can work entirely offline on your phone and you can choose to make it so, or make some activities private, at a click.


And if what matters to you is to make sure your data never gets lost, Smarter Time offers a save/restore feature. Everything is up to you!