Time flies. Track it to ride it!

Smarter Time measures your online and offline time use automatically.

  • Spend no more than 1min/day measuring your time.
  • Rely on our tailor-made location and learning intelligence to do the hard work for you.
  • Get detailed analytics, build better habits, improve your productivity!


Our free Beta is now open!

Whether you are…
A busy professional

You struggle to make your life fit into 24 little hours. You need to juggle your work, your loved ones, your hobbies, and still get some sleep. What if you could measure your online and offline time use precisely and effortlessly, and rely on your findings to manage your time and find a better work/life balance?

A personal productivist

To you being busy is not an end in itself. You want to make every minute of your life count, and that means being as productive as you can be. But it’s hard to get insights on your productivity without any objective measure! What if you could increase your productivity on the sound basis of a precise breakdown of your time use?

A quantified selfer

You love crunching your life’s numbers. You already track your health, your fitness, your spending. But quantifying your time, your habits and your productivity is not as easy as the rest of it! What if you could get efficient data and exhaustive analytics on your time use, and build better habits while actually saving time?

A life logger

Your memories matter to you more than anything; you store them and file them for safekeeping. Logging your life is like an extension of yourself; your time log is your treasure trove. But wouldn’t it be easier if that time log filled automatically and simply left you to enjoy the story it tells?

We do the work for you


You reap the results

Activity History







Smarter Time Map

We make things easy

Privacy driven

At Smarter Time, we are adamant that your data remains your data. We won’t sell it, you can keep it on your phone and you are free to download it at the click of a button. We help you reclaim ownership of your timeline.
We are already available on Android and our iOS version is in the works. We have also released a desktop client that tracks your activities on your computer. Lastly, a comprehensive stats dashboard will be made available online in the next few months.

Low battery use

We mainly use Wi-Fi to locate you, because GPS is what drains your phone’s battery in no time. We are constantly tweaking and improving our app so that it can keep following your activities everywhere, all day long.

They tried and they love it!
I love how detailed this app is and how simple it is to navigate. It’s like having an agenda without having to enter half the information you would normally have to!!! I can’t stop using it. With my job, my kids, trying to find time for other things is very hard. This app helps me find the time I have available.Shaira
I started using Smarter Time as a means to improve my productivity and I ended up getting so much more! With its easy to use interface and well-thought algorithm, I managed to switch to a proper work-life balance and continue doing so.Adina
OMG, this is so cool! I’ve never been so excited about apps as I am now.Halyna
The app is very intuitive to use, I’m really impressed by its ability to recognise places and locations.Hugo
I have tried some time metering apps before. None of them convinced me enough to let it on my phone more than a week. I did not feel the “wow, it’s cool” while using them. But after using Smarter Time I can tell you: It is different.Tamas

Who we are

Emmanuel : Pont
General Management, Development

Having worked in project management for years, Emmanuel knows full well everything hinges on time: how you use it, where it goes, why you never have enough. It is only natural, then, that his next big project is dedicated to creating an app that takes very little time away and gives a lot of it back.
Now he works on building a solid interface and algorithms and deals with the hassle of day-to-day management.

Anis : Fehri
Development, Algorithmics, Architecture

Anis has a track record of solving problems through algorithms in his previous jobs at banks and analytics companies – but all too often he’s been lacking time to work on important issues, and he knows many people who feel that way. So he decided to focus on giving everyone the tools to achieve their goals.
He’s now developing the learning algorithms and technical architecture behind SmarterTime’s automatic brain.

Anna : Winterstein
Design, Marketing, Communication

Anna’s studies have made her a multitasker – she writes, draws and talks a lot. She’s been working with startups for the past two years, and she knows how hard it is to juggle various projects in different areas while still keeping track of time and managing to have some left for yourself.
She is now channeling her experience into making SmarterTime a user-friendly, beautiful app and bringing it to the world.

Contact us

General information about our app and who we are is provided in the FAQ section of this website.
However, we are always happy to receive feedback from our users – in fact, we are grateful for it.
If you have any to give, or need help with anything, or are simply wondering what we are all about, feel free to contact us by e-mail or through this contact form.
If you are a press officier, please contact us through our press e-mail.
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